At MLDA in Woodstock, GA, 107 Weatherstone Drive, Suite 510, we are dedicated to boldly designing outdoor areas, landmarks, and structures to reflect your needs and preferences. Rest easy knowing that our team carefully reviews our construction processes before we start any project to reduce any errors and delays.

Our Firm

Trust us for the landscape architectural design of your next project. With our keen understanding of your bottom line, we create designs that positively affect you and your business.

We have served various clients, including multifamily property developers. Our goal is to have your residents fall in love with your property and never want to live anywhere else.


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Why Choose Us

Dedicated Professionals

We LIVE landscape architectural design--in our work, our sleep, in every facet of our lives! Nothing matters more to us than the quality of our work and customer satisfaction.

Incredible attention to detail

We scrutinize every dotted I, crossed T, each pixel of every image, the totality of each and every line in all of our designs, every note, image and drafted line of all construct. details, every document, etc.

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